August 1, 2015 New York, NY The new issue of Mojo Junction is now online, and with it the latest instalment in my Adventures In Sweetland essay series…  Come join me on a journey through space, time, and of course “space-time” in “The Lightnesss and Darkness of Being a Good Dectective.” xo Sweetland


July 5, 2015 Thornbury, ON Happy Summer, my starlets! And greetings from the Carr Astronomical Observatory up on the escarpment off glorious Georgian Bay. I’ve been here for a good week hiding away from the world (which seems to be my favourite pastime these days.) Since last we spoke I’ve driven all the way to St. John’s and back, through…   see more


April 2, 2015 Toronto, ON My dear friend Aurora Jane has an amazing website called Mojo Junction. It’s got all the good things… food, art, music, travel, writing and more. The April issue is hot off the digi-press featuring an adventurous article by yours Sweetlandishly! So come with me on a journey back in time. From the primordial ooze to the frozen…   see more

Xihuacan Pyramid 5

March 27, 2015 Toronto, ON Spring is here at last. Thank the goddess. It’s been a long winter for me that started in early November with my Yukon Arctic touring adventure. There was snow crunching beneath my Sweetlandish boots from that moment on, until like a good girl I ran away to Mexico. I’ve been home for a week but my mind is still somewhere…   see more


February 28, 2015 Toronto, ON Welcome to the brand new A million thanks to Janine Stoll for the gorgeous new design. I couldn’t be happier. Hope you will enjoy exploring. So today is the day…  Adventures In Sweetland the book is officially on sale for your photographic pleasure. Thanks the one and only A Man Called Wrycraft for lending his design genius to the project. They look so beautiful! And…   see more


February 8, 2015 Toronto, ON I’m so excited to announce the launch of “Adventures In Sweetland” my first book of photography coming February 28, 2015. The book launch party and gallery opening will take place on said date at the Fleishman Gallery in Toronto, ON. Books will also also be available online. Check back for links to buy coming soon……   see more


December 13, 2014 Toronto, ON I’m home at last from my epic journey, and what an adventure it was. I seem to be she of little words these days, but many photographs. For all the details of my trip have a peek at the latest photos from my eternal Adventures In Sweetland as well as my Instagram series. You can…   see more


November 17, 2014 Whitehorse, YT Greetings from the glorious Yukon wilderness!  Today I’m so proud to announce the release of “Jingle Ma Belle” the Ladies In Waiting collective‘s brand new holiday compilation album. We’re going to put on a big show for you on Thursday, December 18th at Hugh’s Room in Toronto. I recorded a beautiful tune for the album with…   see more


June 19, 2014 Toronto, ON Hello at long last,And happy almost summertime! I know I’ve been a silent Sweetland for quite a while now… There is much to catch you up on. As the solstice nears on Saturday, I’m getting prepared for all my upcoming plans for the warm season. I have a few adventures in store with Captain Dirt…   see more


May 10, 2014 Toronto, ON Happy birthday to me. I’m waking up slowly and recovering from the raging party I threw at Casa Sweetlandia last night… Wish you were there. Amazing performances by Melanie Brûlée and the incredible Ventanas, with a serious dose of foot-stomping flamenco dancing in my living room. I am a lucky girl. Today will be mellow…   see more

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