February 10, 2017
New York, NY

Greetings from the snowy streets of New York City, where I’ve been trudging about all week on a spontaneous mid-winter vacation. Two days ago it was all sun and short sleeves here in sweet Soho, but  the temperature has turned and the sky dropped an epic snow bomb on us yesterday. Being a very good Canadian, I was quite prepared and strapped on my full-frontal winter gear to take on the town today. Three museums, two cocktails and a massive trek through Central Park later, I’m curled up on like a kitten on the couch with my beautiful friend Juliette Campbell. Aside from being my esteemed host and dear friend, Juliette is quite truly the queen of the underground cabaret scene here in town. Her renowned Shanghai Mermaid parties have been transporting New Yorkers back in time for nearly a decade. Glamorous, magical and dripping with decadence, they may in fact be the most fun I have ever had at a party. It really is so important to surround yourself with brilliant, creative people who inspire you to do amazing things. And so, the wheels in my head are turning and I hope to have some inspirations to share with you soon… Until then, wish me luck and good weather for my return trip. For more on all my adventures, have a peek at my Instagram series here.

Vive la liberté,






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